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Brett D. Shurman, M.D


Full-service psychiatric office since 2000

Dr. Brett Shurman specializes in providing personal, comprehensive, and professional care to his patients.  With board-certifications in adult psychiatry and addiction medicine, Dr. Shurman treats a broad range of psychiatric disorders with psychopharmacology and psychotherapy.  Dr. Shurman also treats addiction and co-occuring disorders (also known as dual-diagnosis). Well-established in Los Angeles -- with offices in both Brentwood and the Pasadena area -- Dr. Shurman supports the mental and physical well-being of his patients by working closely with a wide network of healthcare and mental health professionals. As a special service, Dr. Shurman offers inpatient services at the specialized and discrete Las Encinas hospital in beautiful Pasadena, California. This hospital offers comfortable and very specialized psychiatric services to its patients.

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Areas of Practice

Adult Psychiatry

Dr. Shurman is known for his psychopharmacology expertise in the treatment of depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and other psychiatric illnesses. Complex mental health problems also often co-occur with substance abuse problems which Dr. Shurman has expertise in.  Often one needs multiple areas of expertise to address complex psychiatric cases.  Dr. Shurman specializes in the treatment of such challenging and treatment-resistant cases.

Psycho-Social Rehabiliation

Dr. Shurman often will work in concert with social workers/case managers/life and sober coaches who can provide a link from his office to the patient's home. This is also an overlooked service which can be crucial for compliance and vital information that can't always be gained in an office setting. In addition, Dr. Shurman has worked extensively with many residential psychiatric and addiction programs in Los Angeles and across the country.



Dr. Shurman had a broad education in psychotherapy during his training at UCLA. He has trained in many modalities such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and more. Because of his psychological training, he works effectively with other therapists and has a sensitivity towards patients that goes beyond prescribing them medicine. 

He often will take care of the whole patient, providing their medication management and psychotherapy simultaneously. When patients have complex conditions, there is often an advantage to having one person take care of both aspects of psychiatric care.


Dr. Shurman has served as an expert witness in a variety of psychiatric forensic cases.



Dr. Shurman is board-certified in Addiction Medicine by the American Board of Addiction Medicine. He views Addiction from a multi-modal perspective, as 90% of people who suffer from Addictive Disorders have co-morbid psychiatric disorders, often un-diagnosed. He is licensed to prescribe Suboxone and other addiction-specific medicines. Dr. Shurman believes that you must address all psychiatric/psychological problems in order to have a chance at sobriety. Dr. Shurman works with many qualified mental health professionals that help provide comprehensive treatment.

Family Therapy

In treating the whole patient, Dr. Shurman makes sure to address any family issues that are contributing to a patient's illness. This is an often overlooked area that is very important to stabilizing many patients. Dr. Shurman has been trained in multiple modalities of family therapy and has had training in attachment theory which he often applies to families and couples.




We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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